Incorporating Social Media Into Your Live Event

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Engage your audience


People spend more time on social media while connected to the internet than on any other project, according to findings in this Business Insider article. You can use this to your advantage in your live event by featuring social media interaction and using it as a focal point.

By using hashtags and content aggregating services, you can now show a live Twitter feed of participants in your event. Advertise your event-exclusive hashtag in marketing materials and keep track in real time what people are saying. CitiView technicians can help set up the software interface to make sure this is a seamless transition.

The best way to show these interactions is through TVs and projection. By strategically placing a 42” monitor on a dual pole stand by your registration desk, you can show not only program materials, but also photos and slides from the event hashtag. Put a projector with a long-throw lense on a truss stand, and you can have your presenters flanked by a live twitter feed, allowing audience participation beyond just regular Q&A and powerpoints.

 – Mike Slamer

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