Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns at The Cooper Union, NYC.


CitiView Audio Visual Speakers Video Lighting Ken Burns

Two-time Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns at The Cooper Union. LED uplighting on columns and IMAG, plus multiple Macbook slide presentations switching between projection screens.

The Heart and Soul Charitable Fund hosted their 25th anniversary celebration at The Cooper Union in Cooper Square, NYC with CitiView Audio Visual coordinating all lights, camera, and sound for the event.


On the run of show was a brief introduction followed by Ken Burns delivering his acceptance speech at the podium. Following that, Christie’s Auctioneer Rob Gordry took over on a wireless microphone and led a successful charitable auction, raising money for community programs around NYC.

The client requested LED uplighting on columns, IMAG, multiple screen switching from MacBooks on all three projection screens, and multiple wired and wireless microphones. The client’s videographer set a stationary DSLR Canon 5D  and sent an SDI signal through an adaptor to the Barco Presentation Pro II switcher while also recording from his multiple cameras.


CitiView technicians arranged stage and pit lighting for the speakers, and worked directly with the client and their videographers to ensure the camera images were properly balanced for both the IMAG and also the record.


The audience was treated to a live fiddle and accordion performance, in celebration of The Cooper Union’s and Ken Burn’s history and interest in the Civil War. The Great Hall’s acoustics carried the music without need for amplification.

– Mike Slamer



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  1. Steve says:

    What a great lecture!

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